April 26, 2011

About hotels

For your next assignment, you have to choose one of the following options:
  • Imagine you are designing your own new two-or three-star hotel.

    1. Its location: beach, citycenter...
    2. The guests you are expecting: business people, families ...
    3. Facilities: 24-hour room service, air conditioning, minibar... tennis court, children's playground, restaurants, sauna, fitness center...

    By the way, what will it be called?
  • Use the internet to find information about places to stay.
    Get information about :
* The most expensive hotel you can find
* The smallest hotel
* The most unusual hotel
* The largest hotel
* The tallest hotel
* The coldest hotel
* The oldest hotel
* The ugliest hotel
* The most beautiful hotel

Don't forget to include pictures so that we can have a look at them!

Finally, share your descriptions and findings with us and post them here


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