January 31, 2012

Role playing job interviews

Activity that gives the students a chance to practice their conversational English skills using discussion and role play.


Well done!

January 30, 2012

January 27, 2012

January 25, 2012

January 16, 2012

January 12, 2012


Choose a tourist destination and describe it using the following information:
  • Location and geographical features
  • Climate
  • Main attractions
  • Other information

January 11, 2012

My favourite holiday

The students tell us about their favourite or last holiday including the following information:

1.Where, when and how they went.
2. Who they went with.
3. How long it was.
4. What they did over there.
5. What they bought as souveniers for family and friends.
6. If they had any problems.

(By all the students)

(By Cris)