March 30, 2012

Booking a holiday

T= Travel agent
C= Customer

T: Good morning. Can I help you?
C: Yes, I hope so. We are looking for a honeymoon holiday, we want to travel to an exotic destination.
T: Ok, great! Have a seat and we’ll see what we can do. What exactly would you like?
C: We would like to get a good offer , we want something not too expensive… Can you show me brochures of exotic destinations?
T: Ok, let’s see these brochures… I would choose Rivera Maya or Cancún because you can get a special offer now and the Mexican culture is fascinating.
C: What do they include?
T: All is included.
C: Oh, perfect! We want to relax on the beach but we like to be active on holiday too.
T: In my opinión you should practice sports there. How about practicing ‘’snorkel’’ in the Caribbean sea?
C: That sounds good. How can we do that?
T: Your best option is to contract the special services in the hotel. You can choose the activities that you want to do in Mexico.
C: Ok.
T: Have you thought about visiting the most important monuments in México? If I were you I’d visit Chichén Itzá. It’s amazing!
C: Oh, yes! That would be great! We are going to think about all. Thank you very much! You have been very helpful.
T: You’re welcome, I hope to see you soon!

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March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012

Investigating clients' needs

C= Client A= Travel Agent

A: Hello. Can I help you?

C: Hello, good morning! Yes! We would like to travel to South America.

A: Okay, what kind of trip are you looking for?

C: We are interested in an adventure holiday.

A: I think it is a good election! Peru is a fantastic place to visit. You can go to Machu Picchu and then you can relax. I recommend it!

C: Okay. Peru is perfect!. But ... Is it possible to go in summer?

A: Yes, there’s no problem. How long? And… how much can you spend?

C: We want to stay for three weeks if it’s possible. Money is not relevant.

A: Okay, so three weeks in Peru. I hope you have a good time.

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March 22, 2012

An interactive tour of The Alhambra

Really interesting! Don't miss it and enjoy!

March 15, 2012

Visit to the airport

Here you are the recording and pictures of the guided visit in English to the airport of Málaga. Sorry for the delay! Rather tied up all this time.
I hope you like it!

We learnt may things about airports and travelling, don't you agree? Please, leave your comments here!

March 08, 2012

6 Days in Tokyo

Enquiry letters

Look up the address of an English-speaking travel agency in the UK, The USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand and write to them requesting information about a holiday you might like to go on.

Writing tips

  • Explain clearly what information you would like to receive and what you want the reader to do in response to your letter.
  • Use a separate paragraph for each request.
  • Use simple rather than complex sentences
  • Be precise and concise and delete unnecessary information.
For further information on enquiry letters click here

March 07, 2012

Holiday types

What kind of holiday would you recommend for the following people?

1.The Martins (father, 45, mother, 40, son, 14, daughter, 8). They haven't got much money but they would like to be active on holiday. They are interested in nature.

2.Ms Allen (aged 32). She has a stressful job as an English teacher and she would like to go somewhere different. She is energetic and adventurous.

3. Mr and Mrs Thompson ( aged 28 and 26) . They are on their honeymoon and they would like to go somewhere exotic, "the holiday of a lifetime".

4. Mr and Mrs Darren ( aged 60 and 65). They would like to travel abroad. They are interested in culture and gastronomy.

5. And, finally, what kind of holiday would you choose for yourself? Why?

March 06, 2012