April 12, 2012

Types of accommodation

What kind of accommodation ( serviced or self-catering) would be suitable for the following profiles?

1.The Martins (father, 45, mother, 40, son, 14, daughter, 8). They haven't got much money but they would like to be active on holiday. They love nature.

2.Mr Allen (aged 32). A business traveller staying in your country for three days for a conference.

3. Ms Thompson ( aged 28). She is travelling alone but interested in meeting people.

4. Mr and Mrs Darren ( aged 60 and 65). They are a retired couple interested in culture.

5. The O'Donnels ( both 34). They are on their honeymoom.

6. A student like you.

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Genoveva said...

Ángela Guzman y Genoveva Cáceres

1. We tnink that their best option is the campsite, because it is cheaper and they will cook their meals.

2. We recommend him the hotel because is the place more confortable for the business traveler, so the hotel have all he will need.

3. If she want meet people We recommend her to go a country villa. Because this place have alot of apartaments and alot of fun places

4. We recommend to stay in Medieval Castle, because It is different, old, and It have more history.

5. We think that the best option for their is to go a Metropolitan five-stair hotel, because They will have alot of facilities.

6. We recommend a Hostal, Bed and Breakfast or a campsite. Because is the cheapes option to accommodation.

Marina Díaz said...

1. We would recommend them to rent a cottage for a few days, because it is cheaper than a country hotel and you can do many activities there.

2. We would suggest him a hotel near to the place where the conference will be. It will be comfortable and he will be relaxed because he won't be late.

3.We would recommend her to stay in a metropolitan hotel in a big city such as London or Barcelona because she will meet a lot of different kind of people.

4. We would suggest them a hotel in a cultural city where they can visit a lot of museums and monuments.

5. We would recommend them a luxury villa on the coast where they can relax before their wedding. They will really enjoy it.

6. We would choose a hostel in a metropolitan city, because it's cheaper than a hotel and nowadays they are very comfortable and they have many services such us WI-FI and satellite TV.

Laura Lillo&Marina Díaz

Galvez said...

Fran Aranda y Jose Gálvez

1. The better option is campsite, because children can play all day and it´s cheaper.

2. We recomend him a hotel because is the best option to stay in a business travel.

3. A suitable acommodation to meet people can be a ville because there are to many people there.

4. We recomend them to go to an hotel in the city because is more confortable for them and the museums are near.

5. We suggest them to go to an hotel in an exotic place as example Bora Bora.

6. A suitable acommodation for a student like us can be a cheaper hotel near the beach or a campsite.

miriam said...

1.We would recommend a campsite because it’s cheaper and it’s in the nature. They can do activities there.
2.We would recommend a hotel because it’s comfortable. It has a lot of services for example: restaurant, bar, room service, etc.
3.We would recommend a cruise ship because there he can meet a lot of people and he can visit different places.
4.We would recommend a hotel in France, because they can know other culture and they can enjoy the gastronomy of this country.
5.We would recommend a cruise ship around of the world because we think that it is a special travel for this occasion.
6.We would recommend a villa for a study tour because a students don`t usually have money.

By: Vanesa Aguilar and Miriam Luna.

Anonymous said...

Aida Fructuoso, María Miroslavova, Flores Sánchez

1. We would recommend a campsite, because is cheap and they can enjoy with the nature.

2. We would recommend a hotel, because it's the best option for bussines travel, it has got conference facilities, internet...

3. We would recommend her to stay in a country villa because she will meet a lot of different kind of people.

4. We would choose a hotel in the city center, where they can visit a lot of museums, monuments and the culture of the place.

5. We would choose a five-star hotel in some exotic place like Maurice Island, where they can enjoy and relax.

6. We would recommend a metropolitan hostel or a university hall of residence, because this accommodation are more cheaper and there are comfortable.

ali said...

Alicia Díaz and Dori Díaz
1. Your best option is to go to a campsite because your can many activities over there.

2. We suggest accomodation in a hotel because you will have the services needed by internet connection,room service,restaurant, conference facilities you such as.

3. You could travel on a cruise because there are cruises for single people.

4. We suggest them accomodation in a hotel because Mr and Mrs Darren can see the monuments.

5. We suggest you to travel on a cruise because the cruise is very romantic and they can visit different cities.

6. For me I´d go to a capsite because the campsite is very cheap.

Ana M. Moreno said...

1. We suggested to the Martins to spend their free time in a campsite. It's a budget accommodation and the are in full contact with nature.

2. In our opinion, Mr Allen should visit a five star hotel in Madrid for example, because it has all the services you need for this type of event.

3. We suggested to Mr Thompson to spend her holidays in a singles cruise,because she would know many people there.

4. We would recommend to the Darren to rent a motorhome, because they could visit many place as they like.

5.We could recommend to the O'Donnels to visit Kenya and they they could sleep in cabins of any tribe.

6. We will recommend a hostel in the city centre. To visit the monuments and do City Tourism and night.

Isa and Ana

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